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William Henry Price Presents "The Art Gods Must Be Crazy", October 22

The Art Gods Must Be Crazy
A talk by William Henry Price

One hundred years ago, Marcel Duchamp mounted a bicycle wheel on a stool and placed it into the rarified space of art. And while Duchamp was endeavoring to “put painting once again to the service of the mind”, Bushman shamans of the Kalahari were making images in the service of spirits, as they had done for thousands of years. In this talk, William reframes Duchamp’s quizzical art by taking us deep into the rock art and ritual of the San Bushman.

We will look at San Bushman paintings on rock faces and decipher their meanings. And we will decipher Duchamp as well, as we watch him erasing traditions, seeking freedom from dogmas of any kind. These are the bookends of art as spiritual activity: the Bushman having no concept of art apart from its function, and Duchamp wanting no “art” beyond concepts.

From this dialogue, a stunning question arises. Can we embrace both? Come and enjoy the wit and grace of both Duchamp and the Bushmen of the Kalahari.

William Henry Price – Guest Lecturer

William Henry Price grew up exploring the creeks and fields near Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He received an MFA degree from Mason Gross School of Art at Rutgers, and a BFA from Boston University.  He taught painting and design at Seton Hall University for seven years before becoming co-director of the Cross-Cultural Institute in New York, a non-profit dedicated to inter-cultural cooperation and exchange. More recently he has taught Contemporary Art History and Drawing at Western Carolina University.

William’s paintings, often intricately detailed, arise from his lifelong exploration of nature and of sacred traditions. He has exhibited widely from New York to the Carolinas. His writings and lectures on the arts of many cultures are narrated with the practicality and purpose of a working contemporary artist, and they also provide a set of poetic annotations to his own artistic iconography.

William is the author of the upcoming book, “PAINTING THE INVISIBLE; Becoming an Indigenous Artist in a Post Modern Land.”

Seating is limited. Contact REVOLVE AVL to reserve a seat.


122 Riverside Drive


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