Will “Quantic” Holland’s Los Míticos del Ritmo Releases “Hotline Bling” Cumbia Single

“Hotline Bling” (out 11th May) and “Doombia” (out 1st June), are the much anticipated follow up singles from renowned NY-based producer and musician Will “Quantic” Holland’s Los Míticos del Ritmo acordeon band. The releases are a sonidero special of Drake’s “Hotline Bling” (which was debuted in Quantic’s Boiler Room DJ set and premiered by Gilles Peterson on BBC 6Music) with original footwork hybrid “Doombia”. 

Heading up the A-Side, the catchy pop lines in Drake’s “Hotline Bling” lend themselves perfectly to the cumbia percussion and rhythms of Quantic’s phenomenal instrumental cover, to create something magnetic and unforgettable. Elevating the traditional use of instruments like the accordion, alegre and guacharaca, Holland hits with a Mexican Rebajada (slowed down or screwed) beat, tuning his accordion by hand, in the tuning style of Calixto Ochoa.

“Hotline Bling” was first played by Holland in his DJ set for Boiler Room in Los Angeles last year, he elaborates: “The show was in a historic discoteca in LA, a city with a big appreciation for Colombian diasporic music and the influences of Mexican sonideros.” Cut to dub specially for the performance, the track won a remarkable reaction from the eager dancefloor and initiated a flurry of worldwide interest online (200K YouTube views).

The B-Side brings an unheard accordion cut in the form of “Doombia” – a manifestation of modern instrumentation and frenetic beats. “The B-Side is an original, bringing accordion from the Colombian Atlantic closer to the digital footwork/house dance of Chicago. The flute plays an Andean melody with 808 snare keeping the double time rhythm” Holland explains.

The idea for the Los Míticos del Ritmo musical project started when Quantic recorded “Cumbia de Dilla” as a special one-off track, to play at DJ parties, particularly those in Los Angeles where hip hop and cumbia have a special place in people’s hearts.

The queue of fans crowding round to ask about the track inspired and set this new project on the road. In 2011, Quantic y Conjunto Los Míticos del Ritmo released the ‘Hip Hop En Cumbia’ 12” in collaboration with Serato, boasting crowd-pleasing versions of Dr. Dre’s “Nothing But A G Thing”, Missy Elliot’s “Get UR Freak On” and the official release of “Cumbia de Dilla”. Colliding with the notable resurgence of tropical music for dancefloors and his own popularity as a producer and musician, these remixes gained worldwide radio support and continued club DJ rotation to this day.

Continuing the prolific and diverse output that he has become known for, in recent years Holland has released his fourth Quantic solo record, ‘Magnetica’ (2015); followed by his third under the Flowering Inferno alias, ‘1000 Watts’ (2016); and his full length LP with Colombian folklore singer Nidia Góngora (a regular collaborator in recent years) in May 2017. Bringing a new and highly original spin on the cultural traditions of the Colombian Pacific Coast, it achieved BBC 6Music Album of the Day status, coverage from Q and Songlines, and a video premiere on Noisey/THUMP.

Now based in New York, after almost a decade living in Colombia, British producer and musician Quantic has enchanted fans and tastemakers with more than 15 albums in as many years. Holland’s work as a band leader, producer, DJ and more has led The Guardian to class him “alongside global music adventurers such as Damon Albarn and DJ Gilles Peterson”. His rare ability to interpret genres and seek out fascinating collaborators has led to acclaimed projects including full live funk and soul bands The Quantic Soul Orchestra and the Cómbo Barbaro, to the tropical dub-infused project Flowering Inferno; cutting-edge solo electronic LPs; and side-projects including Óndatropica (Soundway). A musical trailblazer, Quantic continues to open up audiences in the UK and elsewhere to an expert curation of rhythms and styles – including the phenomenon that is Cumbia – from across the Americas and beyond.

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