The Jacob Higginbotham Show Presented by The Magnetic Theatre

Not since his award-winning one-man lyric-drama, The Songs of Robert, has writer and performer John Crutchfield held himself up to public ridicule with such brave and solitary determination. His latest solo play, The Jacob Higginbotham Show, is set in our very own Asheville (or, at least, in somebody’s Asheville), and tells the story of a strange little man “of a certain age” who has the bizarre habit of making spontaneous marriage proposals. These are universally rejected, of course, “until one day…”
Since 2009, audiences of the erstwhile No Shame Theatre at NC Stage, of Magnetic Midnight at The Magnetic Theatre, of the Asheville Fringe Arts Festival, and of the Juniper Bends Reading Series at Downtown Books and News have been tantalized by glimpses of Higginbotham as a work-in-progress. Now, the completed play will have its long-awaited world premiere in a Magnetic Theatre production, directed by and starring the playwright. It had better be good.

Working with sound designer and d.j. Mary Zogzas, and drawing on his own extensive experience as poet, musician, dancer, and abuser of home furnishings, Crutchfield creates a world that is at once magical and harrowing, beautiful and strange, and finally, very, very awkward.

Cruthfield’s previous productions by The Magnetic Theatre include Ruth; The Labyrinth; Solstice; The Strange and Tragical Adventures of Pinocchio, or Why Didn’t I Just Stay a Damn Puppet?, and The Songs of Robert and Landscape with Missing Person, both of which were also produced by The Magnetic Theatre in The New York International Fringe Festival, in 2009 and 2013, respectively.

The Magnetic Theatre presents The Jacob Higginbotham Show. Written, directed, and performed by John Crutchfield, with d.j./sound design by Mary Zogzas and lighting by Jason Williams. At Magnetic 375 (375 Depot Street in the River Arts District). Discount previews Thursday & Friday, August 20 & 21, @ 7:30 PM, $12 in advance/$15 at the door (tax and fees included). Performances Thursday-Saturday, August 22-September 12, @ 7:30 PM, $18 in advance/$21 at the door (tax and fees included). For tickets, please visit www.themagnetictheatre.org. Box office telephone: 828.239.9250.

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