Spaceman Jones & RBTS Win Presents “The Motherships Volume 2”

Asheville’s Spaceman Jones and The Motherships will drop their new release, “Spaceman Jones and The Motherships – Vol. 2” in March, followed by a regional tour. The project is a hip-hop collaboration between rapper Spaceman Jones and members of RBTS WIN. Its combo of Spaceman Jones distinct vocals over lush beds of chill-hop / soul-gaze is a soulful, and self-reflecting meditation on life. Spaceman Jones and The Motherships – Vol. 2 is raw and honest, and addresses breaking generational cycles. Spaceman Jones voices a real and raw narrative on growing up as a black man in the south. He raps of love of family, respect for the culture and building community in a voice that resonates deeply.

Born of a shared creative vision, Spaceman Jones & the Motherships is the project of Davaion Bristol (Spaceman Jones) and Cliff B. Worsham (Mother HOOD), whose continuously evolving, collaborative sound comes out of a partnership in which talent meets resilience. Both natives of Asheville, NC, the artists met after developing mutual respect for one another’s music (Spaceman’s hip hop and Mother HOOD’s work with electronic outfit RBTS WIN). Although they didn’t grow up together, they share experiences of becoming adults in a broken system, where education often goes hand in hand with punishment and inequity. From these transformational fires emerged the intelligent, acerbic, and ultimately hopeful rhymes of Spaceman, and the sauntering, confident, and darkly joyful beats of Mother HOOD.

With additional support on the production side from RBTS’ Javier Francisco Bolea, the duo released Spaceman Jones & the Motherships, Vols. I and II, over 2017-18. Their songs, steeped in urban wisdom, Southern stylings, and sharply-edged humor, challenge listeners to wake up, pay attention, and step into a shift, not only in sound but in consciousness. At the vanguard of hip hop, Spaceman Jones & the Motherships is constantly forging a new way ahead, and you’re invited to come along for the journey.

Who: Spaceman Jones and The Motherships Vol 2 album release party (with Xero God, FLLS and DJ AUDIO)

Where: Ellington Underground

When: Saturday, March 3, 2018

Time: Doors 8pm

Ages: 21+

Tickets: $10 / $12

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