¡Sabor Latino! Downtown Asheville's Latin-Infused Cuisine

Savor the spicy and zestful flavors of Spain, Mexico and the Caribbean at these downtown Asheville eateries.


Hemingway’s Cuba Restaurant & Bar
15 Page Avenue, 4th Floor
(828) 252-0218
The newest addition to downtown’s Latin Cuisine scene, Hemingway’s Cuba provides an authentic Cuban restaurant experience. Havana native and Founder of Hemingway’s Cuba, Tony Fraga, grew up enjoying exquisite meals with his father at La Floridita in Havana. The restaurant was not only known to be a favorite of Ernest Hemingway, it earned the honor of serving “The Best Daiquiri in the World,” according to Hemingway himself.

11 Biltmore Ave. (828) 239-2946
Spanish tapas is the focal point at Cúrate, small plate foods that are packed with flavor. Chef Katie Button works her magic.

White Duck Taco Shop
12 Biltmore Ave. (828) 258-1660
Tacos with a twist! Asian-fusion ingredients take a simple thing to new heights. Affordable and fast too.

85 W. Walnut St. (828) 232-1060
Tasty tapas in a dark, romantic setting. Delectable selection of Spanish wines. Menu changes frequently.

Grove Arcade #139, (828) 350-1332
The third Latin-fusion spot operated by famed Chef Hector Diaz. Imbibe in delicious sangria and mojitos while savoring their paella and churrasco.

13 Eagle St (828) 252-2327
Tucked away on Eagle Street, Mexico City native Chef Hugo Ramirez creates traditional Mexican dishes, which he reinvents in innovative and surprising ways. Mexican fusion at its best.

2 Patton Avenue, (828) 254-0208 The Mexican-Carribean eatery that started it all. Colorful, delicious tacos, empanadas and plates prepared with creative flavors and combinations.

77 Biltmore Ave (828) 254-0208 Overstuffed burritos, quesadillas, tacos and breakfast too.

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