Photo Gallery: Panda Bear and Jessica Pratt Concert

Images from Jessica Pratt and Panda Bear performances at the Orange Peel, Asheville.

The night opened with the dreamy and delicate guitar-folk of San Francisco’s Jessica Pratt, who’s haunting voice and gentle guitar seduced the sold-out crowd. Like music wafting from an open window, it drew one in, creating the intimacy of a coffee house. Pratt’s demure presence, and soft voice carried the room, beautifully performing songs from her latest album “On Your Own Love Again”. Her show was in stark contrast to the psychedelic spectacle of video, strobe and the stacked layers of Panda Bear’s electronic-harmonic sound blast. With his magical console as band, the Bear played the wizard, singing in a somewhat flat tone, and pushing buttons and knob twisting. The sound was heavy, dense and gurgling, with beats buried in the mix. Not exactly music for dancing, but triping. With looped video of fruit melting into serpentine faces and other psyched-out imagery it was a heady trip reminiscent of raves gone by.

IMG_2596 IMG_2591 IMG_2581 IMG_2584 IMG_2608 IMG_2616 IMG_2574 IMG_2537 IMG_2597 IMG_2513 IMG_2467 IMG_2443 IMG_2470

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