Norman Jay Interview

An audio interview with Sir Norman Jay by Fabien Vouillon Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click..

Nick Luscombe Flo-Motion

It has been four years since ground-breaking DJ Nick Luscombe began hosting the Sunday evening XFM radio show, “Flo-Motion” a..


Three Londoners met in the market one fateful day: Kathrin deBoer (vocals), Ricky Fabulous (guitar) and DJ Modest (decks) struck..

Ursula Rucker Interview

Ursula Rucker Speaks with MundoVibe’s John C. Tripp on Her Fifth Recording, “She Said” As a poet and performance artist,..

Soul of Philly: Lady Alma

A Mundovibe exclusive interview with Silhouette Brown vocalist Lady Alma After half a decade, Silhouette Brown – the original production..

Moonstarr Interview

By J.C. Tripp Any serious underground beat junkie of the past decade has heard Moonstarr’s now-classic “Dupont” as well as..

Break Reform

By Velanche Stewart A couple of years ago, a tune on Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide show made me happy whenever it..

Nik Weston

This affair began with Weston’s role as a DJ back in his teens, almost by default: as any record collector..

Patricia Marx

BY ROSE PARFITT In Brazil they love their music; it’s in the blood and in the bones. But this bug..

Paul Murphy

By Rose Parfitt Since Ashley and Simone Beedle founded Afro Art in the Nineties, the label’s had its fair share..
Mélodie Lounge Medellín

Mélodie Lounge Medellín

Medellín Colombia’s Mélodie Lounge sets the trends for the city’s international crow BY JOHN C. TRIPP Medellín Colombia’s upscale “El..

Norman Jay (audio)

An audio interview with Sir Norman Jay by Fabien Vouillon Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click..

DJ Dmitry of Deee Lite

BY ROSE PARFITT Since Deee-Lite split in ’95 Dmitry has given full justification to his “Supa DJ” prefix, awarded DJ..


RIOVOLT AND THE SOUNDS OF BRAZIL — “DIGITAL AUDIO BOSSA” AND “SAMBARAMA” By J.C. Tripp Listening and enjoying “world” music..

DJ Sabo

DJ, Sabo, Sol, Selectas by JC Tripp He may love Baile Funk but DJ Sabo’s heart is in New York..

Roy Ayers

From the day in 1945 when Lionel Hampton saw this ecstatic 5 year old jumpin’ with joy at what he..

Mocean Worker

MOCEAN WORKER BRINGS BACK THE BOOGIE On the fifth album of his career, appropriately titled Cinco De MOWO!, Adam Dorn..


Nina Miranda and Dennis Wheatley come together as Shrift BY JOHN C. TRIPP Shrift are not just a group but..

Up, Bustle & Out

By J.C. Tripp Hailing from Bristol, England, Up, Bustle and Out are producers Rupert Mould and ‘Clandestine Ein’ who met..


The Rurals, House Music From the English Countryside An interview with the Rurals Andy Compton BY J.C. Tripp If fresh..

Markus Enochson

Markus Enochson’s Techno-Soul Permutations Stockholm’s Markus Enochson is at the cutting edge of a new form of soul music that..

Jaymz Nylon

It´s been rumored that New York based Artist-Producer-DJ extraordinaire Jaymz Nylon was born with a stack of vinyl in his..

Guidance Recordings

CHICAGO’S GUIDANCE RECORDINGS BY J.C. TRIPP Like many Chicago-based labels, house music was a catalyst for the launch of Guidance..

Ursula 1000

By John C. Tripp A DJ doesn’t have nearly the setup of a full live band, but there are certain..

Yam Who?

Yam, Who, Who?, Jon, Freer “You can get a groove going at any BPM”. Now that they’ve been commissioned for..

Yukihiro Fukutomi

Japan’s Leading Underground Dance Music DJ and Producer Yukihiro Fukutomi Yukihiro Fukutomi started his career as a DJ during the..

Future World Funk

Future, World, Funk, Cliffy, Russ, Jones, Soundsystem BY JOHN C. TRIPP Six years ago music industry veterans Russell Jones and..

James Koehnline

James, Koehnline, surrealism, collage, Axiom, Laswell, Calendar, Jubilee, Saints James Koehnline (pronounced KEN-line) is a collage artist whose work has..

Clara Hill

Clara, Hill, Sonar Kollektiv, Jazzanova By John C. Tripp Clara Hill has been a seminal figure in the urban-electronic-soul scene..

Dining Rooms

The Dining Rooms By J.C. Tripp Milan, Italy’s The Dining Rooms defy categorization, challenging you to listen beyond labels like..

Mark de Clive Lowe

Mark de Clive-Lowe Interview By J.C. Tripp Half Japanese half New Zealander musician/producer Mark de Clive-Lowe has been on the..

Vanessa Freeman

Vanessa, Freeman, 4, Hero, BY J.C. TRIPP To soul seekers and house heads around the world Vanessa Freeman’s chocolate-rich voice..

Brazil on the Bay

San Francisco’s Brazilian Music Scene Peter Nicholson reports on the Latin-Brazilian meltdown There are many stories about the origins of..

Boozoo Bajou

Boozoo, Bajou, Dust, Broom Boozoo Bajou Hit the Bayou BY JOHN C. TRIPP It should come as no surprise that..

Cyro Baptisa

Cyro Baptista Has a Drum For Your Soul By J.C. Tripp Whether by luck or fate, Brazilian composer, band-leader and..

Baka Beyond

Baka, Beyond, Pygmies, Martin, Cradick, Hart Baka Beyond — Rhythms of the Forest By J.C. Tripp Music has been a..

Cheb i Sabbah

Cheb i Sabbah’s Devotion “Music is the only thing I know. It has the power to liberate one from whatever..

Eric "E Man" Clark

Eric, E Man, Lorie, Caval, Deep, Sea, New, York, house, music, It’s, Yours, Clark, Jon, Chez by Lorie Caval “What..