Moogfest Asheville Favorite, Fourtet, Releases Morning​/​Evening

Fourtet (Kieran Hebden) has been performing in Asheville since 2010, appearing at Mountain Oasis Fest and MoogFest. With the absence of MoogFest, he hasn’t passed through the City for a couple of years. That doesn’t mean he hasn’t been busy producing music.

Last month, Four Tet (a.k.a. Kieran Hebden) revealed that he’d be releasing a new album via his own Text label in early July, entitled Morning/Evening. Over the weekend, however, the two-track LP saw a surprise release in celebration of the summer solstice, and is available to stream and download via Bandcamp now. According to the accompanying description, “This music was created on a laptop computer using the Ableton Live software to control and mix VST synthesizers and manipulations of found audio recordings.” A physical release will land on July 10. (via Resident Advisor)


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