Hey Hey, It's Record Store Day April 18

Vinyl never went away, it just needed time to be appreciated for its sonic and aesthetic qualities. In other words, millenials had to make it hip again. But for diehard audiophiles and record collectors, vinyl has always been central to the appreciation of recorded music. It’s just rest of us that traded in our records for CDs, believing the hype that they’d last forever. With CDs now, more or less, thrown to the heap of discarded formats, vinyl has firmly established itself as the format for those that take music seriously. Local Asheville record shops do a steady business selling old, collectible vinyl, alongside freshly-pressed reissues. As Spring kicks into full bloom, and windows open and porches and yards come back to life, it’s an appropriate time to celebrate the spinning black disc with the diamond needle. Record Store Day celebrates the legacy of vinyl records and its importance in music recording history. And the tenacity of those stores that remain open, an ever dwindling number. Thankfully, Asheville has supportive record-loving community, and the city’s record shops seem to be thriving. If you haven’t visisted one since you bought that Peter Frampton record, perhaps now’s the time to give the record  its  just due with a visit to one of Asheville’s numerous record stores.

Asheville Record Stores

We’re featuring only indie shops that focus on vinyl

Harvest Records
415 Haywood Road
14 Haywood Street
The Downtown Market
45 South French Broad
Voltage Records
90 N. Lexington Ave.
Static Age
110 N Lexington Ave
428  Haywood Road
And, just in case you  wondered, here’s an article on the best record stores in the world.
 A Mickey Mouse themed child's 45rpm record player at The Crate record store in Bushwick in New York on Record Store Day.
 On this week’s Plus One (our new, mini podcast), NPR hosts Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton are joined by Ben “Super Fan” Kessler to talk about the vinyl Record Store Day releases they’re most excited to get.


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