Ghosts, Zombies and Killers: Asheville's Haunted Grounds in Indie Literature

Fall: the days are warm, but the nights are bone-chillingly cold. It’s no wonder fall and scary stories go hand in hand. If you’re looking for some supernatural reads, look no further than these Asheville indies.

By Melisa Lizarraga

 First up, join local author Jake Bible on his six book series Z-Burbia, a zombie-laden adventure that begins in a suburban subdivision on the edge of Asheville. The series follows Jace Stanford as he figures out his new place in a zombified HOA community, escapes from paramilitary groups, and befriends a cannibal. His journey begins in the Blue Ridge Mountains, but finds its way to the Rockies of Colorado. If the thrills in this series leave you wanting more, Bible’s series Dead Team Alpha and future series Sisters of the Apocalypse take place in the same zombie-filled universe.

51AdBZMnoFLMark de Castrique’s Sam Blackman series begins with book one, Blackman’s Coffin where Chief Warrant Officer Sam Blackman meets Tikima, a woman who wants to make use of his investigative skills. Before Sam is able to help, however, Tikima’s body is found, murdered in the French Broad. When Tikima’s sister Nakayla finds a mysterious journal in Tikima’s apartment, she joins forces with Sam. Together they delve into Asheville’s history, searching for hidden clues about Tikima’s murder. Mark de Castrique is a Hendersonville native who currently lives in Charlotte, NC.

For a more humorous thriller, join Rosalie (Rosy) Potter on her journey to find who-dun-it in Murdering Oscar Wilde by Nancy Sales Cash. Rosy’s amateur drama group is all set to put on “The Importance of Being Earnest” when the leading man is arrested for the murder of his father. Rosy knows she must solve the mystery of who the real killer is or else the show might not go on. High heels and her trusty clue-sniffing nose help Rosy on her adventure. Murdering Oscar Wilde was nominated for The Pushcart Prize.

thFinally, enjoy a non-fictional look at Asheville’s own haunting grounds in Haunted Asheville written by paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren. Haunted Asheville explores several local legends, including Helen’s Bridge and the cemetery at Erwin High School. Helen’s Bridge is said to be haunted by a woman who hung herself there sometime during the 1800s. While some say the story is a hoax, others believe they have seen her ghost there. The cemetery at Erwin High School, which was not well known before the school broke ground, was later discovered to house over 1000 previously unknown burial sites. While it also isn’t clear whether these spirits haunt the grounds in which they were buried, they have provided ample fodder for local legend.


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