Gaudi Brings Global Fusion of Dub, Electronic and World Sounds


In 2004, electronic dub pioneer, Gaudi released his fifth solo album Bass, Sweat & Tears, an organic fusion of Dub, Nu-Beat and Global influences inspired by Native cultures from around the world, designed to take listeners on a musical journey from Burkina Faso to Iran, with stops along the way in Pakistan, India, Papua New Guinea and touching on the roots of Spain, Jamaica and Italy. This ground-breaking album was originally released on the Canadian record label, Interchill Records and eventually became their all time best selling release. It received acclaim from fans and fellow artists alike, with Massive Attack declaring it an “awesome album” with “excellent production” and the Buddha Bar’s DJ Ravin calling it “a great album” and “a magical and lovely journey”. Tracks from Bass, Sweat & Tears have been featured on 65 compilations worldwide and in four feature films.

What set Gaudi’s global fusions apart from many of his contemporaries was his desire to unify different forms of music from around the world, keeping the heart and significance of each culture’s roots, while adding his own very personal production style. In the three and a half years that the project was in production, Gaudi worked with an astonishing 42 musicians from around the world, each bringing a special flavor to the project’s stew.

To celebrate the 10’th anniversary of this Global Electronic Dub classic, Six Degrees Records is re-releasing the original Bass, Sweat & Tears, as well as Dub, Sweat & Tears, a companion release of all new, mind bending dub mixes produced by Gaudi himself. Gaudi explains his inspiration for the new Dub versions: “For the 10th year anniversary of Bass, Sweat & Tears I wanted to create something special. The original album meant a lot to me because it managed to broaden my worldwide recognition as an artist and as a fearless innovative music producer, so i decided to re-open all the old audio files, separated the tracks through my 48 channel analogue mixing board, and dub it up inna old skool stylee. I used tape echoes, spring reverbs, valve amps and compressors and added some extra analogue synth touches here and there to create extra depth. My intention on this new project was to create a completely new sonic experience, pointing out all of the obscured details, the most minute percussive rings and beeps and the most mesmerizing basslines. The sessions for Dub, Sweat & Tears took me 18 months, and it has been a very challenging work -it was very difficult to give new light to a project that already shines with its own light, so instead, I simply repositioned the spotlights in different places in order to illuminate different shades and shadows”.

Whether it’s the timeless, classic sounds of the original Bass, Sweat & Tears, which still sounds brand new and fresh these ten years down the line, or the newly “Dubbed”, companion release Dub, Seat & Tears, this music proves that Gaudi remains one of Electronic music’s most unique and innovative producers, a man who is justifiably proud of his past, while continuing to blaze new trails into the future.

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