Elliot Lipp Workshopp at Moog and Performance at RJD2 After-Party April 25

Moog Music Workshop w/ Eliot Lipp

The Moog Store Workshop
Using MIDI Controllers with Analog Hardware
With Special Guest Eliot Lipp (Pretty Lights Music)
Hosted by The Moog Store and Livid Instruments
April 25th, 2015; 4-6PM
The Moog Store; 160 Broadway St., Downtown Asheville

After more than ten years of global touring, seven solo albums on labels such as Pretty Lights Music, Old Tacoma Records, Hefty, 1320 and Mush, Eliot Lipp’s status as an electronic music pioneer is known to scene experts and weekend warriors alike.

Named one of Vibe Magazines top 10 fastest rising DJs (Summer 2013) Vibe says “ Eliot Lipp  is making moves! …Signed to Pretty Lights Music, Lipp’s omnivorous taste in music expands to include everything from electro to funk to indie to downtempo and trap.” Lipp’s music tastefully spans genres, styles and techniques.  Musically, Lipp is taking chances that are paying off in big ways.  In a recent interview with Jay Z’s blog Life+Times, Lipp commented that “People are scared

to set themselves apart from the norm, but risks need to be taken in order to progress.”

Perhaps this is what sets Lipp apart from the rest. He is a risk taker, not afraid to do something a little different. The Moog Store welcomes Elliot Lipp for a special one evening workshop at the Moog Factory in Downtown Asheville. Lipp will be providing a complete rundown of his live performance setup as well as offering insights into crafting his highly-engaging live performances. Prior to this – Moog Store hosts Paul Gaeta and Rob Gray will provide a free clinic demonstrating how to integrate analog synthesizers into a DAW and MIDI based workflow.

Space is limited to 30 participants!
Cost: Free for first hour / $5.00 for the masterclass with Eliot Lipp (5-6)
Call: 828-239-0123 to register or RSVP topaul.g@moogmusic.com (Include name and contact info)

After the workshop catch Eliot Lipp performing live at the New Mountain AVL as part of the RJD2 After-Party featuring Late Night Radio, FXD A/V and more.

Eliot Lipp

Eliot Lipp grew up in Tacoma, Washington.[1] He maintained a strong and passionate interest in hip-hop and rap music while living there and followed such artists as RZAandHieroglyphics[1] He knew that he couldn’t have pursued a career in music if he continued to live there. Lipp described his hometown as, “always refreshing when you hang out up there, I couldn’t have done music if I stayed in Tacoma. It’s a nice place to visit but a bad place to be a musician.”[2]

In the early stages of his music career, Lipp found himself moving from city to city across the country. Lipp made his first move to San Francisco for art school.[1] Influenced by the emerging hip-hop scene of the time, Lipp found himself cutting tracks with The Era in 2001.

Anxious for life in another city and to really start his music career, Lipp moved out to Chicago[1]. Lipp’s musical roots were in hip-hop, but it was in Chicago that he discovered electronic/techno music. The blending of these two genres is obvious throughout his music career as he has continued to find them influential in his music to this day. While living in Chicago, Lipp would record his tracks in his small apartment and feature them at night clubs.

In 2004, Lipp packed up his life and music once more to make his next move to Los Angeles, because it was there that Lipp felt he could reap in the most opportunities of making an electronic music career along with all of the other artists in search of the same success.

Music career

Los Angeles was very much a temporary home for Lipp. It was a move that he made for his love of music and his pursuit of making it his career. He was able to juggle his time between a job at a coffeehouse and his time recording in his cramped studio.

After long and hot days of recording in the summer, Lipp finally got the break he was looking for. His work (the same tracks that were rejected by the club-goers of Chicago) found their way into the hands of Scott Herren (Warp Records) and Savath+Savalas (Hefty Records), or better known as Prefuse 73.[3] Herren loved Lipp’s work and happily signed him onto hisEastern Developments record label in November 2004.

Lipp released the S/T LP that already displayed signs of what is now his signature sound by utilizing Sequential Circuits and Korg ms-20 synths. Music became such a huge part of his life, consuming all of his time and energy, that he left his coffeehouse job on New Years day so he could devote all of his time to music production. Tacoma Mockingbird, released in January 2006[1] , was Lipp’s next LP and released on Hefty Records, who has signed Savath & SavalasTelefon Tel Aviv, and SmazeTacoma Mockingbird, Eliot’s second album, is all music which reminds him of his home Tacoma, Washington. The album took him an entire year to record.. On Lipp’s third LP, Steele Street Scraps, he was able to collaborate with renown electronic musicians John Hughes and Earmint. He recently released a new album in January of 2009 called, “Peace Love Weed 3D”, which features the single, Beamrider. It was first reported in urb.com.

Eliot Lipp moved to Brooklyn in 2006, where he now resides. He is also a member of Dark Party (with Leo 123) and Lipp Service (with members of Pnuma Trio). He has just formed a group with vyle,called Auburn they are currently working on a full-length LP to be released in 2011.


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