Beatlife at Mothlight: Soulful Electronic Vibes with Byron the Aquarius and Co.

BEATLIFE w/ Byron The Aquarius, Bells and Robes, CPT Hyperdrive, more!
Byron The Aquarius
Bells and Robes
Stevie Pre
Vietnam Jerry x Kutzu

September 25, 9PM
@ the Mothlight, Asheville


Byron “Byron The Aquarius” Blaylock is an American electronic music producer, Dj and musician originally from Birmingham,Alabama USA. He is known for numerous releases on independent labels like Rush Hour,Warp,HHV,Circulations,Reebok Classics A Journey into Future,Real Soon, and Giant Step Records. Byron The Aquarius built his reputation via the internet working with Artist such as Flying Lotus,Kai Alce,Jay Scarlett, and Onra.

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