Asheville Busking Debate Covered by New York Times

There was the moody alt-rock guitar strummer in front of the organic clothing boutique. The bluesman picking a dobro in front of the farm-to-table restaurant. Hippies in hootenanny mode beside the bookstore.

A few blocks away, Frank Bronson, a 22-year-old Tennessean with a cowboy hat and a borrowed guitar, was warbling his way through the World War I-era hit “I Ain’t Got Nobody.” Ali Kafka, a ragtime guitarist up from New Orleans, tapped along in her combat boots.

But soon it was Ms. Kafka who broke into the more popular lament on the streets of Asheville these days, criticizing city officials and their proposals to regulate the abundance of buskers, who, like many tourists, have found a resurgent Asheville irresistible.

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