Angela Eastman Exhibit “Tension : Attention” at AAAC Gallery in April

Angela Eastman is an artist based loosely in North Carolina. She attended Colorado

College for her BA and more recently completed the Core Fellowship Program at

Penland School of Crafts. Her work has been exhibited nationally and is in the

permanent collection of Colorado College and Duke University



Her show with the Asheville Area Arts Council:

“Tension : Attention”

The Tension : Attention series explores the combination of hard and soft, industrial and

domestic, solid forms and delicate linework. These pieces reference gateways and

bridges, and stem from a conceptual exploration of structure and physical tension as

metaphor for vulnerability, honesty, and trust.


Tension: Attention will exhibit in the Asheville Area Arts Council Gallery located in the Grove Arcade from April 21st to May 2nd.

Opening reception Thursday April 23rd from 5-8pm.

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