Angel Olsen Brings "Phases" to Orange Peel, Asheville, Dec. 16

Angel Olsen Releases “Phases” Rarity Compilation, On Tour Now

Asheville, NC, 12/16/2017 – Orange Peel  w/ White Magic

With 2016 behind her, and an album, My Woman, that appeared on many “Best Album” list, Angel Olsen has momentum on her side. Her new album, Phases, is a collection of B-sides, rarities and demos from the past few years. The new collection was released November 10 on Jagjaguwar records. “Balancing tenacity and tenderness,  Phases is a brilliant deep-dive into the versatility of Olsen’s sound, her range, and her ability to calm her music into vulnerable, sparse arrangements or come roaring back in full, fleshed out rock ‘n’ roll.

For Olsen, this is an album that allows a moment of thoughtful, reflective calm amongst a year of success and growth surrounding the release of My Woman. For listeners, Phases acts as both a treasure trove for longtime fans, as well as a fitting introduction to Olsen’s enormous musical range for the uninitiated. Regardless of how you come to the record, it’s a sprawling example of what Olsen does best – evocative, immersive songwriting.

Olsen is now on tour in the US

Angel Olsen Phases

Phases Tracklist:
1. Fly On Your Wall
2. Special
3. Only You
4. All Right Now
5. Sans
6. Sweet Dreams
7. California
8. Tougher Than the Rest
9. For You
10. How Many Dreams
11. May as Well
12. Endless Road


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