About Metro Asheville

Metro Asheville is Asheville’s urban music, arts and culture guide. One that is obsessive about reflecting the city’s culture in a new light: respecting tradition but embracing contemporary ideas and new voices. Metro Asheville covers the city’s cultural milieu with a canny eye on the street and an inquisitive, critical and playful perspective.

Publisher & Editor

J.C. Tripp

Alex Brown
Shannon Kemp
Melisa Lizarraga
Emma Stamm




Metro Asheville was born out of a combination of inspiration and necessity. As Asheville’s cultural scene has exploded and evolved, there’s been a lack of media outlets that give voice to the talent, venues and trends that make this city so dynamic. Additionally, coverage of the arts has been usurped by food and beer. Finally, with both journalism and graphic design opportunities nearly non-existent in Asheville, Metro Asheville serves as an outlet for those who want to practice and develop their craft. And hopefully, as we grow, be compensated for it. Too many talented people are forced to leave Asheville because of the lack of opportunity for creatives. We hope to help change that. We want you to read Metro Asheville and feel connected to the city’s arts and culture. And we want to hear your voice and your thoughts on how we’re doing.

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